Solvents from regular paints are escaping into the environment and I am certain we would all wish this could be averted. What they give off are chemical substances called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and these wind up in the air. Ozone depletion, raised risk of smog, and possible global warming, are just a number of the results this might cause. As people become increasingly conscious of the problems posed by global warming, alternatives to regular paints are being sought. The initial popularity of eco-friendly paints failed to impress when they initially entered the market in the nineties.

Health Concerns

So people today realize that using normal paints adds to global warming and other problems, so for certain, they’ll start using Earth-friendly paints? Those who are painting pros need to be converted. If paints do not come with the volatile organic compounds, the experts tell us these are inferior to those that contain them. The longevity of environmentally friendly paint and the need to use more are reasons that the paint masters give to oppose them. The paint industry should consider the health concerns pertaining to VOCs, including breathing complaints like asthma, and that consumers are going for Earth-friendly paints.

Latex Paint

Latex paint which is water-based could be a solution to this problem. They are believed to be environmentally safe and being water based contain no volatile organic compounds. Nevertheless, as with almost everything, there is a downside: latex paints can’t be used to paint on iron because they are water-based, which ends up making the iron become rusty much faster. Latex paints, despite their issues, are becoming increasingly sought after.

How paint is made and where it comes from, all defines if the paint is Earth-friendly. For instance, something that can conceal other paints is called Titanium Dioxide. Making Titanium Dioxide can prompt sulfuric acid production. How the acid is discharged is environmentally damaging because the sea is its final destination.

Smog can be the by-product of the reaction between the Titanium Dioxide and the sun when used outside. A carcinogen that may lead to cancer also has implications with Titanium Dioxide. Even with all of this, paints nonetheless contain Titanium Dioxide.

People are starting to choose eco-friendly paints now that they are finding out more about the health and environmental significance of typical paints.