Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing is one of the more impactful home improvement services that you’ll be able to find anywhere. The sheer return on value is unbeatable. Rather than having to replace your entire tub for whatever reason it may be, you can simply look into refinishing services. Whether you just despise the color and want something new, or you’ve got some cracks/chips to repair. Refinishing will cost you roughly 1/8 the price of bathtub replacement, and last you for many years to come! Compared to the price you pay and quick turnaround, we don’t see a reason to go with replacement unless your bathtub is truly falling apart or something else drastic. Read more about our bathtub refinishing services here.

Shower Repair

As time goes on, things degrade and fall apart. That’s just an unfortunate fact of life. Your shower is no different. If you have a tile shower, you know just how gross and dirty in-between those tiles can get. After enough time, they can even start to get loose and even fall off. If you just CANT get those tiles clean or they’re literally falling apart, you should think about getting them refinished. That way, they’ll look good and stay steady for a long time to come, and you won’t have the headache of paying for a ton of new tiles and installation! Now if you have a fiberglass shower, you’re probably wondering where you fall in all of this. Well, we all know fiberglass is a great material, very strong stuff. With that said, it’s still something that will eventually begin to degrade and wear away, and its not at all out of the realm of possibility for you to accidentally knock a hole in it too. Luckily for you, fiberglass shower repair is a thing! A professional company can come in and seal that hole right up, you’ll be hard pressed to even find where the original damage was after it’s been repair. Learn more about shower repair services here.