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One of our favorite uses for storage containers is integrating them into businesses. While of course their main job is to provide simple storage to individuals, we have found out just how versatile these containers are! Storage containers are used for many things outside of actually storage! We have found storage containers to become increasingly popular as business offices, easily portable to move from location to location. Could your business use a mobile office? Now you can not only have a mobile office, but you can rent it for a short time while you need one!

Portable Office Container Sizes

Containers come in 10′, 20′, and 40′ sizes to fit your company’s needs. We suggest the 20-foot size for most individuals or businesses. It is a good size but can also hold thousands of pounds of weight. A 20′ will make a nice size office for a small group of employees. The 10′ variety is used for storage, such as being used as a shed, or even for smaller moves. A 40′ storage container is many times used for a large office or for storage and transportation of large machinery. You could use one that size to create a portable office space for a larger group of employees, or if you need more space for computers and desks, or storage. A giant container will offer a lot of space for everyone in your company.

You now know there are different sizes of shipping containers available in the market. Shipments can be made in flat or curved shapes, with flat sides and one to two feet high ceilings. When it comes to the different sizes of containers, flat side containers have an opening of nine feet while those with curved sides have an opening of ten feet. Cargo doors and other equipment installed in the container also differ in size.

Container Uses

Your container will face many conditions, but you don’t have to worry about how strong your container is! It was developed to withstand both human tampering and the outdoor elements. Shipping containers are built with the elements in mind and you do not have to worry about what it may face while it stores your belongings or even yourself when being used as a mobile office! When you have individuals using the storage container as an office, you won’t have to worry of their safety.

Storage Containers in Nashville

You won’t regret purchasing or renting a storage container as a mobile office. You will really enjoy the great versatility your shipping container has to offer, whether you use it as a storage or shipping device, or even a portable office. A mobile office offers a lot for businesses to consider them over a standard office. Mobile offices rental Nashville will offer you with the advice and guidance necessary to pick up your new rental mobile office.