The idea of having a bathtub is not new to this world. They have been prevalent since the time of Indus valley civilization. Thanks to the historians and archaeologists who excavate and help us know how the world was and how people lived thousands of years back. Now, coming back to bath tubs, like I said they are very old concepts, with the coming and going of several civilizations there were improvisations, but the idea of bathtubs did not perish. A bath tub that was earlier a matter of luxury is now a part of every household. Houses are now designed with provisions for bath tubs and showers. But there are people who are really obsessed with possessing the best. Though it seems quite unrealistic, here we present to you the world’s most expensive bathtub.

The Le Grand Queen:

The Le Grand Queen is the most expensive bath tub that was sold at the Dubai International Jewellery Festival. The price tag was so high that the whole middle population would have to give up the habit was bathing and save things for this gentleman who felt to need to bathe in a pit that was worth millions of dollars. This piece of work was designed by Simon Kraph and is believed to be extremely precious and unique as they are made out of Caijou a rare gemstone. That even more jaw dropping fact is that, almost 10 tons of Caijou was used in the making of this tub, then how are we even calling it ‘rare’ anymore. This bathtub was priced at $ 17,00,000.

What does the world feel about it?

Meanwhile, people in the other parts of the world are still wondering why someone would even produce something as expensive as this. Well, the concept of conspicuous spending or consumption as the case may be, is not something new to this world. There are a lot of weirdoes who spend money infamously only to become famous. We also have alleged stories of people who had toilets fully made out of gold. After all, if someone can pee and poop in a golden basin, bathing in a tub made out of the most expensive stuff, is not too much to ask for.

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