Roofing materials come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and it’s impressive what they’re able to do now. Many of course will not have any appeal which is quite normal, but you’ll see a lot that looks good.

Getting up to speed with the market and materials will be a good investment of your time. If you live in a location that gets a lot of heat or snow, then that will eliminate some choices.

Departing from the traditional asphalt shingle is the metal type, and these are terrific in terms of durability and span of useful life. It’s good enough to find asphalt with fifty years of service, but some metal shingles can easily double that period. One thing about these you maybe want to remember is they do have some negatives with them, and learning about that with such an expensive roof is a good idea. The technology with manufacturing metal shingles has made truly impressive strides in the last five years, so it is possible that you’ll want to take a peek at them. One of the better ideas for new roofing is the clay tile, and these are plain but look very striking when done. Like other types of roofing, these clay tiles can last over fifty years which is fairly impressive, but these are much better than some of the chemical based shingles because clay is not affected by the sun. And you may think that the rain may cause it to dissolve – not so, plus it will not rot or degrade due to insect attack. Just like some metal shingles can be produced in different appearances, so can clay and that’s just the level of innovation available today.

While PVC can last forever and has excellent properties, it’s subject to easily breaking apart under too much pressure. All roofs will encounter times when it’s necessary for someone to be up there and on it, and these are the times when you’re risking breakage in the shingles. Air conditioning and other units can reside on the roof, and people who work on these machines will need to walk on the roof. The cost/benefit may dictate that you ultimately choose PVC, so this is very much a business decision.

Choosing the right roof can be a challenge when you think they all have their good and not so good points. So you’ll make a compromise of some kind, but you’re still getting a brand new roof over your head. Start out slowly and begin with the basics of what your price range is, and then use that as a guideline.